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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PA 4.10

Partially biobased

EcoPaXX is a bio-based high performance polyamide (PA410) being made mainly from tropical castor beans which do not compete with the food chain.

General info

EcoPaXX has the lowest carbon footprint amongst common polyamides. This is because the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the production of EcoPaXX is offset by the amount absorbed in plant growth (riccinus communis – the tropical castor bean plant that makes up to 70% of EcoPaXX). The transparency and traceability of EcoPaXX products is ensured by Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Analysis that considers the whole supply chain from growing the plants until the product leaves the production plant.

Thanks to its unique structure, EcoPaXX combines high mechanical properties of short chain polyamides with lower moisture uptake and higher chemical resistance of long chain polyamides. EcoPaXX can be processed in PA66 tools while resulting in better surface quality. This makes it an ideal candidate for applications where performance, aesthetics and sustainability play a key role.

PA 4.10 EcoPaXX® by DSM is made from 70% castor oil obtained from castor seeds. Its thermal and mechanical properties reach values like PA66, but it has a 30% lower absorption capacity.

Main EcoPaXX® features:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption - a suitable alternative to PA66 if the part is in contact with water / glycol
  • High melting point up to 250°C - the highest of all biopolymers
  • High crystallisation speed like PA66 and PA6 for fast and easy processing



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